Efficient linear aerators support a clean environment


The majority of onsite wastewater treatment systems are conventional, consisting of a septic tank and a subsurface wastewater infiltration system. Site limitations and increasingly stringent performance requirements have led to significant improvements in the design of wastewater treatment systems and their management.

Since the 1980s, the onsite wastewater treatment system industry has developed many new treatment technologies that can achieve high performance levels on sites with size, soil, groundwater, and landscape limitations that might preclude conventional septic systems. New technologies and improvements to existing technologies are based on defining the performance requirements of the system, characterizing wastewater flow and pollutant loads, evaluating site conditions, defining performance and design boundaries - and selecting a system design that addresses these factors.

For those systems requiring reliable and effective automated aeration, Nitto Kohki LA pumps provide long life, quiet operation, efficient use of energy, and easy maintenance.

Always install your aerator above the water level of wastewater treatment unit. Also elevate the pump off the ground to avoid water from flooding rains possibly entering the pump. This will prevent any damage to the pump from water flooding or being siphoned back into the pump. More importantly, it will protect you from the danger of water and electricity coming in contact with each other.


  • Life expectancy of 6 years can be seen with proper installation and maintenance of the pump

  • Quiet operation allows the pump to run without disturbing the homeowner as can be the case with rotary vane units.

  • Designed to self-adjust when the pressure exceeds the rated value of the pump, the piston stroke will automatically shorten to reduce the strain on the pump. At the same time, power consumption of the pump will decrease to protect against possible increasing temperatures. This is a definite advantage as diffusers can start to become clogged without the homeowner being aware of it.

  • Self-cooling design draws cooler intake air over the coils reducing the temperature seen on the interior of the pump extending the life of the unit.

  • Easy maintenance with the oil-less construction as the air filter and piston are the only parts to be changed.